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Want to become part of our team?

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We always receive a great delivery: accurate translations, great communication throughout the translation process.

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Excellent customer service, on time delivery and good quality at the reasonable price. We wholeheartedly recommend this agency.

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Technical Translation Services Consistancy

When it comes to technical translation services, consistent terminology and accuracy are especially very important. If you clearly describe operating elements, your users will not face any challenge in comprehending the instructions in the technical documents.

For example, it can be quite confusing for the reader if the operating element for switching off a certain device is referred to as the primary switch in the software reader manual at one place and the O/I switch at another. The user gets the impression that the manual is discussing two separate elements since they don’t have the expertise or industry knowledge.

It is of paramount importance that you do not replicate this style in technical translation. In fact, it ought to be the opposite! A qualified technical translator or a professional technical translation agency such as ours will point out this inconsistency to you. And after they consult with you, they will standardize the terminologies in the translation document. Keep in mind that machine translation facilities do not have the capability to do this!

If you require technical translation services, be sure to reach out to us. Our experts at Circle Translations have the required expertise, ensuring accurate translation for any of your technical translation projects, irrespective of your industry.

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Choose a Professional Technical Translation Services

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The translation of technical documents and manuals is best left to the professionals, as poor technical translation services can result in damaged equipment, system failure, and other harmful events. Imagine what the impact of an incorrect translation of earthing or safety instructions would mean for a worker whose job it is to maintain high-voltage electrical systems. A good technical translator should not only have a thorough background in both the target and source languages, but also a comprehensive understanding of the terminology and the subject matter.

Circle Translations is a leading technical translation agency which also specializes in providing subtitle translation services that are produced by technical writers with expertise in various technical subject areas. We deliver expert technical translation services in over 120 languages, and provide you with a range of services to choose from: including civil engineering, material sciences, chemical engineering, physics, and electronic engineering, as well as other industry specializations.

Our expertise and diverse portfolio allow us to offer customized services and develop solutions that are precisely tailored to your goals and budget. Regardless of the amount of technical material you need, we can get the job done efficiently for you. If you insist on quality, then get in touch with Circle Translations, a well-known technical translation agency, today!

When leading organizations and companies need help in translating technical content and documents, they turn to Circle Translations, the technical translation service and solution provider. The reason is very simple; with almost seven years experience of providing high-quality technical translation to some of the leading US companies in industries such as aerospace, chemicals, plastics, and manufacturing, Circle Translations is a seasoned operator. We have a vast network of technical translators and experts who are skilled in their fields, industry expertise, and innovative, money-saving tools to offer a top-notch technical translation service with outstanding customer care.

We know technical translation is often intended for a highly specialized technical audience. This is why it should be easy for the reader to understand translations of technical documents. Circle Translations recognizes the tasks involved in translating technical documents are challenging and complex. As most of these tasks fall outside the repertoire and expertise of ordinary translators, as a technical translation agency we hire certified and experienced technical document translators with suitable subject-matter expertise who fully understand these complex issues.

Accuracy, speed, quality, and punctual delivery are essential when providing technical translation, and Circle Translations has a long-established reputation for combining these core requirements with a standard of customer service that is second to none.


Importance of Technical Translation

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By speaking with clarity in your customers’ language, you can communicate with them easily in a manner that is both precise and clear. This is especially important when it comes to relaying technical information. The accurate translation of technical documents, such as technical manuals, datasheets, technical brochures, and safety instructions, requires an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of your products, service, and industry. When aligned with consistency and accuracy in terminology, and an efficient workflow, tight quality control is guaranteed.

Circle Translations understands the significance of replicating technical details effectively and accurately, and we only use experienced translators who have in-depth knowledge, competence, and experience in your specific field. This helps us provide top-quality, correct, and reliable translations. If requested, we will also collaborate with your marketing or technical teams in order to guarantee we meet all of your requirements.

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Technical Translation Services Process

We will assign a project manager to your technical translation project to arrange and monitor the document translation process. The project manager will also act as your main point of contact throughout the entire process. Our network of technical translation experts comprises experienced native speakers of each of your required target languages who specialize in a wide variety of industries.

When assigning technical translators to your technical translation project, Circle Translations takes their experience, competence, and suitability into account. For technical translations, ideally we require you to provide the content for translation before the start of the project.

That will allow our experts to submit a timely and accurate costing, including technical translation cost per word (based on the word count), and will also help with the selection of a suitable translator for your technical documentation project. Ideally, if you have any previously translated technical content we may ask you to send it to us so we can use it as reference material.

We may also ask you to complete a brief style guide questionnaire which willhelp ensure we meet all your brand guidelines while retaining consistency with your current materials. As soon as the technical translation project is agreed, we will deliver your translated content on the agreed deadline in your preferred format.


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Why Choose Circle Translations for Your Technical Translation Requirements?

making it simple with technical translations

Circle Translations is the technical translation company you should turn to for all your technical translation needs. Our clients trust us because we are:


We provide an accurate technical translation that you can publish and use immediately. Our technical translation experts aim to retain the spirit and style of your original document.


We check every technical translation for spelling, style, punctuation, and grammar. For us, ensuring there are no issues or problems with interpretation is of paramount importance. To guarantee consistency and tone across a range of documents, we can arrange for experienced and specialist proofreaders.


Turnaround Time

We know time is money, and ensuring the speedy turnaround of all your technical translations is of great importance to us. By providing top-notch services, we strive to be recognized by all our customers as the industry leader. We deliver accurately translated technical documents within days, without compromising on quality and while maintaining the most competitive rates.


We allocate each technical translation project to an experienced translator with relevant specialist industry knowledge, which ensures the most accurate and error-free translations possible. Our technical translators are all specialized bilingual, native professional linguists.


All technical document translation projects are individually priced in order to guarantee you the most cost-effective technical document. You can email us or call our dedicated sales line on to discuss our technical document translation services, and we will be happy to present you with a customized quote.


We keep all your data safe and encrypted, both at rest and in transit. All personnel who access your data and documents are subject to stringently enforced confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.

Technical Translation Process

The following are the core characteristics of quality technical translations.

  • An effective translation document has a meaningful and clear structure
  • These documents are written in straightforward and easy to understand language and target your preferred audience
  • Good quality technical translations make consistent use of specialized terminologies
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Types of Technical Content We Can Translate

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Circle Translations has specialized in technical document translation services since 2005. These are just some of the types of technical documents which we translate:

  • Auto Manuals
  • Aviation Manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Bills of Material
  • Data Books and Data Sheets
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guides
  • Installation and Service Manuals
  • Marketing Brochures and Other Materials
  • Patents
  • Safety Manuals and Guides
  • Software SDK and API Comments
  • Hardware and Software UI
  • Technical Manuals
  • System Requirements Documents
  • Technical Training Materials
  • Training Programs
  • User Guides
  • Tender Responses
  • Tender Documents
  • White Papers
  • Websites

Technical Translation Projects and Industries

Circle Translations provides technical document translation services for diverse projects ranging from mining equipment safety procedure manuals and instruction guides, to civil engineering schematics.

We can confidently and competently work in a variety of different industry sectors thanks to the expertise, experience, and dedication of our highly skilled technical translation experts, who are specialists in these areas:

  • Construction and Engineering
  • Electronics
  • IT
  • Health and Safety
  • Patents
  • Telecommunications
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Textiles

Furthermore, we can also process and produce technical translations in a wide variety of electronic formats.

Available languages

  • Slovak
  • Slovenian*
  • Spanish (Latin America)*
  • Spanish (Spain)*
  • Swahili*
  • Swedish*
  • Tagalog*
  • Thai*
  • Turkish*
  • Ukrainian*
  • Urdu*
  • Vietnamese*

* Only available through contacting Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Technical translation is a type of translation that applies specifically to technical documents or any kind of content that includes a lot of technical jargon or specialized terms.
Businesses that deal with international partners or customers would require the translation of technical documentation. This means translating patents, user manuals, reference materials, and general business translation for contracts, proposals, and so on.
It’s not that difficult to find a good technical writer these days. What’s challenging is locating a translator who is proficient in both the source language and the required language, and also has the technical knowledge needed to produce a high quality result.
In addition to top quality skills in technical writing and multiple languages, it is also crucial that they deliver output in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. Finding a translation team with a broad interdisciplinary background will be valuable for future projects that require more technical translation.
Many companies that use machine translations emphasize the advantages of a fast turnaround, which they can certainly deliver. But only a human translator can ensure that the technical terms are not only translated accurately but also read smoothly.
The cost of a technical translation varies depending on several factors, like the urgency of the project, word count, difficulty of the source and target languages, technological subject areas of the content, and so on. The typical technical translator would charge from 0.11 to 0.20 USD per translated word.

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